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回复了 teli 创建的主题 职场话题 “无固定期限”应该怎么理解?
公司福利得一种,毕业的时候签得网易游戏,给的就是无固定期限合同,赔偿时 2N ,不过对于毕业生我感觉作用不大。
@chrosing 欢迎转测试开发岗,测试平台开发。
Senior Quality Assurance Tester

Ability to organize and manage the team to accomplish quality goals;
Recruit and build the testing team, improve team building and development, and achieve good cross-team cooperation;
Optimize and improve testing efficiency, analyze test data and results to identify patterns and influence game quality;
Work with the quality control team and external partners to test content quality and integration;
Take on the responsibility of ensuring quality in our products and game operations;
Focus on improving the team's overall performance.
Bachelor’s degree or higher;
3+ years of experience as a software tester;
Practical experience in game testing;
Ability to quickly pick up new technical skills and execute effectively;
Very observant along with good analytical and logical reasoning abilities;
Practical experience with leading a team to complete the testing project;
Ability to work under pressure, have a strong interest in and passion for games;
Have knowledge in a Programming Language (C++,C,C#,PHP,Python);
Familiar with main operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android ), TCP protocol, etc;
Experience in server performance testing, capability testing, and safety testing is preferred.

Senior Game Development Tester
Define technical design and architecture for new automation solutions, actively implement automation features and develop high-quality code;
Work with R&D teams and keep improving games modules compatibility testing, client/server performance testing, etc., to provide our players with a better experience;
Help to drive continuous process improvements for the QA department and the project team;
Work in a fast-paced environment that requires a frequent shift in areas of focus.
3+ years of hands-on experience in video games quality assurance;
Bachelor or higher degree from an accredited college/university;
Familiar with C/C++ or Java languages;
Familiar with one of the following scripting languages: shell, Perl, and python;
Expertise in LINUX and TCP/IP, HTTP messaging protocol;
Experience with White-Box testing, server/client performance testing, capability testing, and security testing is preferred.
2017-11-10 17:41:35 +08:00
回复了 entimm 创建的主题 程序员 在深圳交全额税,但是最小公积金社保的应该占绝大多数吧
2017-08-15 16:24:16 +08:00
回复了 visvli 创建的主题 酷工作 深圳阿里急招测试,开发!
顶! d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b
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