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181 天前
回复了 xsldebugger 创建的主题 酷工作 上海-不加班-外企-招 Java 、C++ 、安卓
262 天前
回复了 xtx 创建的主题 生活 讲真,宝岛眼镜验光没那么好。
自从换了 Jins 眼睛再没有过不适 这副眼镜带了 6 年 至今未换
282 天前
回复了 thrallchen 创建的主题 求职 33 岁了,想找个月薪 35k 左右的工作
Base 哪里 可以考虑来我司
@palx DevOps


Design, implement, and improve package and automation system

Design, implement, improve build system for products and services in Windows and Linux

Design, implement, and improve productivity tools to improve the efficiency

Manage Infrastructure system for each stage of DevOps

Quickly respond to troubles on each stage of DevOps

Collaborate with international cross-functional teams

Minimum Qualifications

BS or above degree in Computer Science related to fields

3 or more years’ experience

Experiences or big interest on DevOps

Keep Curious and adaptable

Good sense of responsibility and commitment

Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills

High programming skills on Python, or another programming language

Good writing and oral English

Preferred Qualifications

Experience with MSI/Installer is a big plus

Experience with infrastructure management in AWS or Azure is a big plus

Experience with platform/data insights is a big plus

Experience with automation testing is a good plus
304 天前
回复了 kilims 创建的主题 职场话题 tx 新瓜,怎么看
只要有绩效 只要年终奖差别较大 就很难不加班
@eaglewangl37670 是的 Java 职位一般不多 只有几个做 service team 在招

@d873139022 用到的一般只有工作邮件 口语能简单沟通
正常 11 点睡觉,6 点半起床
@cxytz01 基本考察的都是 easy ,medium 刷一点 有这方面的 sense 就可以
目前看起来 对算法要求不高
@yangzhaofeng 看你经验和期望 各个级别的都有

加下我 谢谢~


Software Development Engineer (仍在招聘)

1)1 year experience in C++
2) Fresh Graduate with good C++ knowledge is also welcomed
@steven73 帖子上面有联系方式呀

简历请发邮箱:MTIxNDQ0MzI4QHFxLmNvbQ== QQ: MTIxNDQ0MzI4
职位仍有效 目前职位主要是 前端 和 C++
@sarah999 测试目前只有两个职位

QA Engineer ( Fusion)
1) Bachelor’s degree or higher in Electronic Engineering, Electrical or related field
2) Solid experience in ECAD software(PCB Design)

QA Engineer (Revit)
1) 1 or 2 years of software test engineering or automation testing experience
2) Good verbal and written communication skills in English
@toma77 算法应该会涉及到一些基础知识,主要还是前端。

@fishqi 每周可以选择部分时间 WFH 如一周来公司两三天

@erenlin 暂时没有实习生岗位哦
@silentx C#暂时没有哦
@deston 早说嘛 不用转啊
我们有 Senior Android 的职位


You’ll tackle difficult and interesting challenges and help build our construction records document/sheet management platform to enable our customers to have a delightful experience. You'll be working in areas including:

Building tools to streamline communication and collaboration on the construction site
Tackling synchronization and consistency that allows our users to work and edit offline
Working with and contributing to our shared library that is used across all three of our mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Desktop) written in Kotlin/Native
Building slick and responsive UI that can handle complex folder structures and permissions
Enabling other feature teams to build upon our foundational solutions
Minimum Qualifications

B.S. Degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline, or equivalent practical experience
Fluency in both oral and written English
At least 4 years of professional software development experience
Experience building Android apps; interest in refactoring and legacy code improvement a big plus
Experience with Kotlin/Native
Experience building iOS or Windows apps is a big plus as you will have cross-platform and full-stack exposure
Interest or experience in professional-grade practices around developer testing, including TDD/BDD, property-based testing, contract testing, and other high-quality client-side engineering techniques
Experience with at least one server-side framework (Rails, Django, Flask, etc.) is a big plus
Team player — you love to teach others about cool new tricks you have learned and absorb tips and tricks from developers; love solving problems as a team across platforms, and are enthusiastic about synchronous collaboration in addition to heads-down work

Software Development Engineer(2 headcounts)

1)1 year experience in C++
2) Fresh Graduate with good C++ knowledge is also welcomed
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