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回复了 silverwings 创建的主题 全球工单系统 B 站全站又崩了?
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回复了 SWALLOWW 创建的主题 问与答 问一下, vr 联机的问题
爱奇艺 vr 比 q2 差了不是一点两点,玩游戏不现实
除了 q2 以外能买的低成本 vr 只剩 pico4 ,弄台电脑装两个矿卡双开 windows vm 跑 virtual desktop 就行

试一下 LiquidText ,可以当 PDF 阅读器用

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回复了 conky 创建的主题 优惠信息 Walmrt 有锁苹果小钢炮 SE2 黑五优惠
转运砍单可以免税区 po box 再转寄,但是这样说实话真的不值得去折腾,直接咸鱼靠谱
作为参考,我年初 64G 的 SE3 总共花了 230 刀,不含转运和税
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回复了 conky 创建的主题 优惠信息 Walmrt 有锁苹果小钢炮 SE2 黑五优惠
不能之间在盒子里面放两个月,需要发短信申请+开机发几个通话 /短信,我就不知道国内环境还能不能操作了,具体如下:

Heads up for people who want to unlock this device:

To find out your unlock date, Activate service through iOS activation and then text the word "UNLOCK" to 611-611. If it does not work the first time text a second time, after that it will send the official unlock date.

Steps to officially unlocking the device when it is time:

Step 1: Receive the official unlock text

Step 2: Turn the iPhone off and wait 3-5 minutes

Step 3: Turn iPhone back on and then check the status while connected to WiFi.

After that enjoy your newly unlocked iPhone!
Q: Why did my iPhone not unlock?

A. Here are some reasons:

1. You swapped the sim card that came with the iPhone into a new device, this automatically triggers a denied unlock request.

2. You did not fulfill the 60 days needed to unlock.

3. You bought a refurbished device that has been previously activated before November 2021 which in that case it will need 1 year of service before unlock.

4. Tracfone noticed evidence of fraud and has denied your unlock request.

5. You did not send at least 2 text's or made 2 phone calls during your active service.
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回复了 x97bgt 创建的主题 程序员 连接公共 WIFI,怎么手动弹出认证页面?


没有编辑完手滑发了,总结就是完整卸载然后重新去 AMD 官网安装了 AMD 那边的所有组件,似乎可以解决问题。
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