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@balloonroll 可以邮件联系
@CarolFxl 暂时不能远程
@kaneki 暂时不可以
89 天前
回复了 TimeH 创建的主题 酷工作 [北京] 小而美外企 senior iOS/android engineer
暂时没 hc ,只有移动端和全栈( python+react ) hc
185 天前
回复了 TimeH 创建的主题 酷工作 [北京] [美资外企] Senior Android/iOS Engineer
@vigidroid 可以微信或者邮件联系啊
185 天前
回复了 TimeH 创建的主题 酷工作 [北京] [美资外企] Senior Android/iOS Engineer
@ericgui 公司小而美,用户量大而多:)
215 天前
回复了 TimeH 创建的主题 酷工作 [北京] [美资外企] Senior iOS/Android Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Collaborate on software projects with product design and backend aspects
Develop, release, and maintain backend services and/or infrastructure
Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables
A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field
A solid foundation in computer science with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design
Some programming experience in Objective-C and Swift
Relocation to Beijing, China. This position is based in Beijing.
Strong spoken and written English skills.
Exceptional candidates will have:
5 years of programming experience in either Objective-C or Swift
Strong technical knowledge of iOS mobile application development for iPhone/iPad using Objective-C/Swift with Cocoa Touch and related frameworks
Experience designing clean and maintainable APIs
Experience with multithreaded programming
Experience writing unit tests and testable code
Knowledge of iOS SDK performance tools and optimization techniques
@lokyse 暂时不能远程,不过工作强度很小
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