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87 天前
回复了 MossFox 创建的主题 分享创造 随机抽取沙雕图 - 一个快乐的小玩具
@Mavious 应该不能,至少我没找到方法。倒是有可以不翻墙并且和 inoreader 同步的 https://reabble.cn/app#/
@imgentleman 感谢告知! Reeder 是我非常喜欢的一款 RSS 阅读器,之前不知道是没更新这个功能还是看漏了,竟然不知道能自定义字体,虽然在阅读界面以外的字体还没法自定义,不过已经很足够了
我用过的:reeder 、unread 、Newsify 、NetNewsWire 、Ego Reader 、News Explorer 、Fluent Reader 、An Otter RSS Reader 、品读等。支持 feedly 和换自定义字体是我最看重的。
@zololiu unread 确实也好用,在一些论坛 RSS 上表现比 reeder 还好,但不能自定义字体😂
@sanshao124 reeder 试过了,不能换成系统已经安装的字体,除此之外算得上一个几乎完美的选择
161 天前
回复了 huangtao728 创建的主题 分享创造 Note.ms - 又一个简洁的在线记事本
你好,请问能支持深色模式吗? iOS PWA 晚上闪瞎眼😂
另外,请问你是 Jasmine 吗?
197 天前
回复了 MossFox 创建的主题 分享创造 随机抽取沙雕图 - 一个快乐的小玩具
非常感谢开发者的这个网站,非常有意思,应该自从有了这篇帖子我便开始用了,虽然频率不高😂(但刷起来就上瘾,有段时间经常刷到重复的图哈哈哈)。最近发现一个台湾论坛每天都有发梗图,可能开发者能用上: https://www.dcard.tw/f/meme
204 天前
回复了 xuxuzhaozhao 创建的主题 GitHub Github 要把 Trending 关了?
Martin Woodward 给出的回复,即 Trending 不一定关:
Hey folks - Martin from GitHub here.

Thanks for all the feedback on the Trending page. Given the feedback here, it’s clear we need to look again at the plan to deprecate this. The team is going to re-evaluate and see if we can come up with some other options. We’ll get back to you before the end of the month. In the meantime we’ll take the deprecation warning off the page until we have a clearer idea of what the long term plan is.

For some background, from all our telemetry, usage of the Trending page has been very low since it was created and usage has stagnated, despite more and more people using GitHub. The number of people starring projects and following or sponsoring developers from the page is even lower. The data pipeline that powers the page has historically proven problematic to maintain and so given the low usage, we decided to switch off the Trending page.

But given the feedback from everyone here, it’s clearly a much loved feature by the people that do use it. We really want to make sure everyone can discover new projects and learn about awesome maintainers in the future. We are going to see if we have any better options or if we can provide similar functionality in a different way.

We will get back to you all in a few weeks once we have a firm idea what the long term plan is for the Trending page. Thanks again for all the comments and feedback - explaining what it is that you value about the Trending page was particularly helpful, so thanks for those comments in particular 💖
B 站可以通过?t={秒数}的网址后缀来跳转到时间点,可以自己动手做个脚本
289 天前
回复了 cheung 创建的主题 分享创造 我能炫耀一下我的个站吗?
能啊能啊超级能,xiong 确实太完美了,说是个人网站,但实际上只有一篇个性十足的文章,而且你们好甜,将狗取名为狗的做法在《笨女孩》中也出现过。另外,阴茎锻炼手册实在 2011 年就停止更新了吗
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