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[英伟达 Nvidia] [上海] [高级计算机视觉工程师-自动驾驶地图方向]

  •   zoe1016aaa · 184 天前 · 603 次点击
    这是一个创建于 184 天前的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

    [公司名称] 英伟达

    [坐标] 上海

    [简历投递邮箱] [email protected]

    [邮件标题] 姓名+应聘岗位

    [面试流程] 2-3 轮视频面试

    [简历形式] 英文简历

    [ What you'll be doing ] :: 1 、Work on existing and new algorithms related to mapping and localization using a variety of sensor modalities (Camera, LiDAR, Radar, INS, GPS, Odometry, etc.)

    2 、Collaborate with the rest of the map creation development team on fine-tuning and adapting of the existing algorithms within the framework of local mapping regulations

    3 、Coordinate the required work with partner companies for shipping MyRoute maps as a product

    4 、Help solidify existing algorithms, and work with large amounts of real and synthetic data to continuously improve the algorithmic and computational performance

    5 、Typical algorithms used include Deep Neural Networks,, Gauss-Newton Optimization, SLAM, ICP, Monte-Carlo localization, Bayesian Approaches, Hough Transform, etc.

    6 、Defining scope of work, collaborating with other teams to achieve results

    7 、Defining training datasets

    8 、Performing in-vehicle tests and completing autonomous drive missions

    [ What we need to see ] :

    1 、MS degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Applied Math, Robotics, or a related field

    2 、5+ years of relevant industry experience

    3 、To be successful you should have experience in one or more of the following areas: Computer vision, visual geometry, SLAM and/or deep learning

    4 、Always striving to learn new things and like solving hard problems

    5 、Strong math knowledge

    6 、Background in Computer vision

    7 、Great programming and debugging skills in C++ and/or Python

    8 、Good communication and analytical skills. Ability to work with multiple teams in a fast paced environment

    [ Ways to stand out from the crowd ] :

    1 、PhD degree in Computer Science, Applied Math, Robotics, or a related field and 8+ years of relevant industry experience

    2 、Experience working on Mapping & Localization related problems

    3 、Experience with visual geometry and deep learning in a shipping product context

    4 、Background in applying Deep Learning to 3D Computer Vision problems

    5 、Working experience with GPGPU programming (CUDA or OpenCL)

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