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[香港/可远程] Nomisma 区块链初创招人: Solidity 以太坊智能合约研发工程师

  •   remnet · 2018-11-28 11:42:53 +08:00 · 893 次点击
    这是一个创建于 372 天前的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

    Senior Smart Contract (Solidity) Engineer

    If you are seeking to be an early team member in a high-potential start-up with already-secured funding, we ’ d love to speak to you.

    About The Company:

    Nomisma ( www.nomisma.one) is a block-chain based fintech solution provider. Our primary mission is to adapt seasoned financial concepts to address issues that arise from the extreme volatility and fragmentation in the crypto world. Our proposed set of protocols will lead to the emergence of a cryptocurrency fixed income market and organic development of a robust stablecoin. We envision a world where everyone has access to transparent, trustless, robust financial infrastructure. Where accountability of financial institutions is in the hands of common citizens, globally, and this trustless foundation is intrinsic to the system.

    We enable risk customization, interest, borrowing/lending, leverage, and the creation of safe assets for the cryptocurrency universe. Our protocol is based on peer-reviewed financial engineering, built on decentralized infrastructure where every step is transparent, trustless, and regulatory compliant. No margin calls. No counter party risk. No liquidation. You never need to trust the system (or anyone in it) with ownership of your assets. We deeply believe this will create a new, more inclusive financial system world-wide, unlocking and delivering novel sources of value to all users. Nomisma is well funded with the seed funding from the founder and the world's largest market maker to secure its early stage development. The founder team is comprised of world-class industry and academic leaders (Goldman Sachs/Harvard Business School).

    Your Job

    You are passionate about building a scalable infrastructure that can be used by multiple consumers. You are eager to learn new concepts, new languages, and have a profound interest in Blockchain technology.


    • Design and develop secure and robust smart contracts on Ethereum with knowledge of financial services constructs and workflow
    • Employ test-driven development methodology for high-quality and scalable code
    • Provide technical leadership
    • Work with Quality Assurance team to prioritize and resolve defects and issues
    • Perform benchmarks and be able to choose the right technology based on requirements


    • At least 1 year of development in Solidity.
    • At least 1 year of development in Javascript.
    • Experience with Truffle / Ganache framework.
    • In-depth understanding of different components of Ethereum blockchain.
    • Understanding of EVM features and limitations.
    • Ability to craft simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.
    • Basic understanding of Cryptography primitives.
    • Solid software development fundamentals (Data Structures, algorithms, problem solving, OO Design, and system architecture).
    • Familiarity with problems in distributed systems and protocols to resolve them
    • Passionate about what you do and care deeply about the things you build.
    • Able to clearly communicate to technical and non-technical audiences.
    • Has a good understanding of continuous integration, writing unit tests and automated testing.
    • Experience working in an agile environment.

    Good To Have

    • Knowledge and understanding of simple financial products (banking, equity, options)
    • Solidity Assembly / Yul (previously also called JULIA or IULIA) or Vyper
    • Node.js experience
    • C/C++ experience
    • Knowledge of structured products and OTC derivatives a plus
    • 3+ years of relevant experience in software development
    • Experience in at least one of the following - Go, Javascript, Rust, Elixir
    • Familiarity with React and Typescript
    • Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes

    中文版 JD




    • 设计和开发安全和健壮的 Ethereum 智能合约,用于构建金融服务流程
    • 运用测试驱动开发方法,编写高质量和可扩展的代码
    • 带领技术团队进行开发
    • 与质量控制团队协同工作,处理和解决缺陷和问题
    • 能运用性能测试方法,根据业务需求来选择合适的技术栈


    • 至少一年 Solidity 开发经验
    • 至少一年 JavaScript 开发经验
    • 掌握 Truffle / Ganache 的使用
    • 对 Ethereum 区块链的各部分组建有深层次的认知
    • 了解 EVM 虚拟机的特性和局限性
    • 具备提出优雅简洁的解决方案来解决复杂问题的能力
    • 对各种加密算法具有基本认知了解
    • 扎实的计算机软件开发知识基础(如数据结构,算法,解决问题的能力,面向对象设计及系统架构设计)
    • 熟悉分布式系统和协议的技术难点,具备解决的技术能力
    • 工作态度认真负责,对技术有激情
    • 能与技术型 /非技术型客户和受众进行良好沟通
    • 对快速迭代开发,持续交付模式有较好理解,能编写单元测试及运用自动化测试技术
    • 熟悉敏捷开发工作环境


    • 对基础金融产品的基本认知了解(银行借贷,资产,期权)
    • 对 Solidity Assembly / Yul (也叫 JULIA 或 IULIA) 或 Vyper 有一定了解
    • Node.js 开发经验
    • C/C++ 开发经验
    • 对结构化产品和 OTC 衍生品等基础了解
    • 三年以上软件开发领域的经验
    • 掌握以下至少一种语言:Go, Javascript, Rust, Elixir
    • 熟悉 React 与 Typescript
    • 熟悉 Docker 与 Kubernetes

    请准备英文简历( CV )以及自我介绍(中 /英皆可)。主要经历或作品链接( GitHub 等)。


    Telegram: https://t.me/yijiasu

    Email: yijia.su@nomisma.one

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    remnet   2018-11-28 11:44:57 +08:00
    参考薪酬:US$ 5k/month or above
    remnet   2018-11-28 23:54:13 +08:00
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